Downey House

The Farm House
Downey House

While there is still some question as to the exact date this home was built, the architecture, woodwork and details of this Victorian home put its origin near 1900 to 1910.  

The original siding still covers the home today, and inside you can still see the original woodwork in the window frames, pocket doors, and doors.  There are several transom windows, as well as three original stained glass lead windows.  The floors have been replaced over the years but one original pine wood floor still lays in an upstairs bedroom.  The original coal burning fireplace also sits proudly in the parlor.

James Downey Jr. and Mary Rebecca Faunteroy Downey married in 1867 and as far as history can tell, were the first owners of the home and moved into it 1909.

Pictured above, the Downey Family gathers on the front porch in 1917 for the 50th wedding anniversary of James and Mary.

Among the Downey's 13 children, Melinda Jane Downey and Susan Downey (known to the locals as "Aunt Susan") lived in the home after the passing of both their parents.  It was said the sisters lived here for 50 years. 

The home was sold somewhere between 1960-1970.

The Farm House

We are still working on the history for The Farm House.  The interior would indicate it was built around late 1890's to very early 1900.


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