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This picture was taken at Downey House "Opening Day" in November 2011.
Rayeann & Jeff Longwell with children Nathan, Brittany, and Kim

2017 Update

Closing of homes -- Memories for the Longwell family

September 2017 both homes were closed as a Rental and are available for sale.

With the loss of Rayeann in 2015, all children starting their own lives and Jeff marring and moving to Springfield Mo
 it was time to close business and start our own new chapters.

The memories are so many.  Downey House had more to do with the community and giving back and be part of something great.

I believe all of us were touched by the homes.

Want to thank everyone that said so many nice things about the homes.

I (Jeff) especially want to thank Rayeann and my kids for making this business possible and a memory I will always remember.

Nathan is currently in the Air Force, Kim is in college at Springfield, MO and Brittany is in college in Kansas City, MO.

2016 Update

Rayeann Longwell - In Loving Memory

In 2015 we lost our mother, partner and creative mind to cancer.
 Rayeann treated Downey and Farm House just like her own home putting all of herself into the homes.
Rayeann's decoration style, furniture selection, and amenities made it feel like "home away from home".
She is greatly missed not only by her family but the whole community of Plattsburg.

Jeff Longwell is currently running the business with help of cleaners and friends when needed.

Nathan and Kim have graduated high school and has since moved on to college.
Brittany is in her Senior year of high school and busy with her own job and life.s
Original Text
In the beginning we never had any intention of using Downey House as a "business."  It started out as simply a project: a home to fix up and sell.  But once we really got involved in working on this home, neither one of us could bear to give it up - we became very attached to it but didn't have a clue what to do with it. 

Then one day Jeff had an idea to turn it into a vacation rental, and the rest as they say, is history. 
This was definitely a family affair: all five of us worked tirelessly on nights and weekends and even some days off here and there to be able to finish this project within about 4 months.  Rayeann's parents (who live just 2 blocks away) also chipped in with painting, installing floors, providing meals, and whatever else needed to be done. 
 After years of neglect, the house had fallen into bankruptcy and it was in need of some serious tender, loving, care.  Now, it hardly resembles its former state, and it is now ready to take its rightful place as a beautiful "painted lady" in a charming historic town.
Since our opening in 2011 we have expanded with a second home (The Farm House) in 2013 located next door to Downey.



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